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Spoilers everywhere!
Also, there's no Ange mentioned anywhere because really, Ange's stuff can happen as soon as someone apps them. And if no one wants to play Ange, it can be easily skipped.

Mission 1: Sortie
This is Fail Five's first real combat operation, and the first time they can actually pilot their AHSMB units. They are sent to guard the Undina space base as it is attacked by Wulgaru forces. Team Rabbits find that their machines are not willing to fight and try to disengage the enemy on their own - commander Rin Suzukaze tells them how to use the JURIA System and they somehow manage, if not without difficulty.
When the evacuation is complete, everyone is told to fall back but the Rabbits notice through the windows that Undina Base still has people in it. They are told that there was no time to evacuate them and to pull back anyway, but Izuru decides that this is not how heroes act. He charges at the enemy, his friends following, and with JURIA System working at full power, with and not against them, they manage to beat the Wulgaru back, a first real victory Earth had against the alien invader. The Wulgaru commander (Rada) retreats before we can engage him, using his own soldiers as living shields.

Following the mission, Team Rabbits and their support staff are assigned to Unity Group base in space, Star Rose. Possibly a log as they graduate and say good-bye to the school?

Mission 2: Surprise Attack
This is a combination of two events that played out seperately in canon.
General Komine has a plan - for Team Rabbits to attack a Wulgaru space supply convoy. Unfortunately when they arrive there, it turns out that the convoy is actually a big military group. Komine tells the Rabbits to attack anyway, which is a bad move - they get surrounded and overwhelmed. To make matters worse, an enemy ace unit (piloted by Wulgaru prince Jiart) is there too and effortlessly outmaneuvers the protagonists, playing with them rather than going for the killing blow before getting bored and retreating, leaving them for Rada's forces. When it looks like it's over, the Rabbits are suddenly saved by a new appearance - a trio of AHSMB Rhino units and their pilots, Team Doberman, their seniors from MJP. This allows Rabbits and the rest to retreat - defeating the enemy here is impossible. Komine's plan failed but he evades responsibility.

Post-mission: a log where we meet the Dobermans! They are cool dudes. They can pop up and help Unity Group every once in a while from now on.

Also, a log where Team Rabbits get a short vacation because they are obviously stressed and underperforming. On the vacation, Izuru will meet a weird white-haired girl and realizes that he knows her from before, but doesn't remember when or how. She is arguing with someone so Izuru moves in to intervene, but the other man throws him into the pool.

Mission 3: Battle of Ceres
A huge group of Wulgaru gathers to attack the human stronghold of Ceres. Komine has a plan (which he actually stole from his aide, Lt Amane) that involves the use of a giant laser to wipe out the enemy fleet. Unfortunately it fails as enemy flagships deploy powerful energy barriers and after Komine hurries the laser to fire again despite not giving it any time to cool down, it overheats and is destroyed. A fight commences with a lot of forces on both sides, including Earth capital ships and Team Doberman. Jiart is there too and seperates Izuru from the rest, forcing Asagi to take command. While Asagi and Kei try to salvage the situation somehow (and eventually succeed), Izuru is forced into a duel with Jiart, and loses it. His cockpit is damaged so much that his opponent can see him through the cracks - and then opens his own cockpit, to show that he is human, before saying something in an unknown language and departing.
Humanity somehow manages to hold Ceres but sustains a lot of damage. For his incompetence, Komine is relieved from his position and Amane takes over, having received two promotions to Major. Commander Suzukaze tells Izuru not to tell anyone of what he saw that day.

Post-mission: a log where we meet with the girl from before. She reveals herself as Teoria, a rogue Wulgaru princess who decided to side with humanity (the man she was with earlier is her assistant Daneel). She explains who Wulgaru are and what are their goals.

Log event: Operation Ares
Team Rabbits (and whomever else wants to tag along) are sent with a mission to Mars - to assist Daneel with salvaging important data from a Wulgaru ship that crashed there during the battle of Ceres. The group is trapped in a storm and has to hurry before the ship disintegrates. Once inside, they find out that Wulgaru soldiers are mass-produced clones and wonder about their own past.

Mission 4: AHSMB's Shadow
Team Rabbits are sent on an operation to rescue Amane and Team Doberman, who are on a ship attacked by Wulgaru. Jiart is there and wants to continue his duel with Izuru. He overpowers Red Five at first, but Izuru recalls the words Teoria told him and manages to Awaken his own unit. Seeing that, Jiart's unit awakens as well and the two engage in a duel that looked incredibly fucking awesome in the anime. Eventually, Jiart is driven away and the Wulgaru retreat or are destroyed. Then, Izuru suddenly loses consciousness.

Post-mission: Izuru wakes up in a hospital bed and is suddenly not himself - much cooler and more suave. It takes for Kei's... intervention to return him to normal.

All events were seperate before this point, but now...

Arc one BEGINS!

Log event: Your Hero
Izuru is invited by Teoria for dinner. Asagi tags along and the three talk about their past a bit, but are interrupted by...

Mission 5: Defensive Battle at Cosmopolitan Academy
Wulgaru forces (Klein's fleet) attack human ships that station around Star Rose - but it's a diversion, their commander actually heads for Earth itself! The mission starts in Earth orbit but the chase continues down towards Earth, and the MJP Academy itself, as this is the Wulgaru commander's target! Suruga uses the Godinion's main cannon (disattached and given to Gold Four) to snipe Klein from orbit, only for the commander's unit to Awaken and become even more dangerous. After a gritty and hard battle that leaves all AHSMBs barely functional, the midget is finally killed, and the academy is saved.

Post-mission, medical check-ups reveal that Izuru's condition is worsening since Red Five's awakening. He is not allowed to pilot anymore, as doing it any more can be dangerous to his health. Also, Jiart learns of Teoria's stay on Earth and kills Rada who overheard him - it happens entirely offscreen, just an explanation why that one Wulgaru isn't around anymore.

Mission 6 (optional?) - Deep Recon
All AHSMB units are wrecked so they cannot participate here! An MJP mission without any MJP player characters!
Team Doberman was sent with a mission to find the location of the gate Wulgaru use to transport their fleets to Earth Sphere. They found it and are returning, but have fallen under attack by the Wulgaru commander Lutiel and her fleet. In canon, sad things happened here. In SRWU, I want the players to have a chance to go out, reach the Dobermans in time and rescue them. Lutiel should survive, and either way humans learn of the Wulgaru gate's location.

Post-mission, Asagi is asked by the pit crews to perform routine tests on Izuru's Red Five and manages to activate it, which was supposed to be impossible. He pressures Commander Suzukaze for answers and learns that he and Izuru are genetic sons of Commander Simon, half-brothers.

Arc one ENDS!

Mission 7 (FINALE) - Alea Iacta Est
Operation Heaven's Gate begins - Teoria shows herself to public and rallies Earth's nations to take a stand against Wulgaru and destroy their gate. Because of the state of his health, Izuru is not allowed to sortie and he stays put on Godinion. The Star Rose is evacuated of all civiliand and personnel except the bare necessities - it turns out it is secretely a weapon powerful enough to destroy the gate.
The gate is protected by combined fleets of Lutiel, Dolgana and Lumez - the last stays put and defends the gate but the first two go for the kill. Team Rabbits' mission is to break through enemy forces, reach the gate and fire at it with marker guns - tagging its location for large scale bombardment. They succeed, Star Rose and all present human ships fire - and the gate is shielded by Lumez fleet's barriers, and unharmed. To make matters worse, suddenly Jiart appears and blocks their way out. He is angry that Izuru is not there and is willing to kill everyone to lure him out.
Izuru sorties and engages Jiart in a last duel. At the same time, Commander Simon has a desperate plan to ram Star Rose into the gate. Everyone's objective shifts into protecting Star Rose as it makes its suicide run. Suddenly, Teoria appears in her own unit and calls out to Wulgaru to stop fighting. Surprisingly, Dolgana and Lumez listen to her. Lutiel does not, and the Rabbits take her out using teamwork and driven by what she did (or tried to do) to the Dobermans.
At the same time, Izuru is overcome with battle lust. It looks like he's going to lose it, but then his friends call out to him and he manages to remember his real reason for fighting, and reaches Red Five's true awakening. The AHSMB is able to match Jiart and the two fight to the end - which leaves Jiart's unit destroyed and Izuru's severely crippled.
Star Rose rams the gate and both space objects are destroyed. Commander Simon intended for this to be his swan song, but Teoria and Daneel rescue him at the last moment. As for Izuru...

His friends scan space of where his duel took place, and find Red Five floating helplessly. They call out to him once again. In the cockpit, Izuru is battered up, wounded and barely conscious. But he's alive, and smiles.

End of Majestic Prince the canon.

SRWU app

Mar. 9th, 2014 01:50 am
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Player name: Cubey
AIM contact: cubey@aol.pl
Alternate contacts: mod email
Character name: Izuru Hitachi (using English order, so name first)
Source canon: Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince
Community tag: izuru_hitachi
Do I want a HMD: yes

Background: Like his teammates, 16 years old Izuru is a product of the MJP Project. It was supposed to create artificially-bred clones for space exploration, but focus was shifted to create combat pilots when the war with Wulgaru started. Izuru has no memories of his past life, with surrogate parents, because those memories were removed from his brain when he joined the MJP Academy. His room's previous occupant left him a gift, a collection of manga about heroes. Izuru read all of those books with enthusiasm and decided to become a hero himself. Unfortunately reality had a second say in that, and his enthusiastic but bumbling ways resulted in him being one of the "Fail Five", academy students with worst grades in teamwork... but little did everyone know, also great potential.
Donors to Izuru's DNA are extraordinary. One of them is Simon Gato, the leader of MJP Project. The other is Teoria, the Wulgaru princess who went rogue and defected to Earth's side to save humanity from her own race. This is top secret information and even Izuru doesn't know this, but his memory purge was not 100% effective and he has vague memories of a certain white haired girl, not realizing she is actually his "mother".
Personality: Izuru wants to be a hero! He is very energetic and has high spirits and an optimistic approach to life. He often tries to rope his friends into spending time together in activities that are supposed to improve their teamwork or just be fun. Rather than worrying about the past, he decided to look towards building a future for himself.
Unfortunately he often acts without thinking, which results in action taken recklessly and poor decisions. Also he has a talent for misreading the atmosphere and saying things that completely ruin the mood or are just kinda annoying and cliche (of the "heroic speech" variety) in general. But he doesn't do that out of malice - Izuru is a good kid and never deliberately says or does things that hurt other people. He's just an awkward teenager.
Perhaps surprisingly for his situation, he doesn't angst about having to pilot a machine in a war against overwhelming alien odds. Izuru takes his duties as a pilot seriously and tries to perform them the best he can, though his impulsiveness and (at first) lack of teamwork skills are obstacles to overcome.
Izuru likes to draw manga in his free time. His skills are really bad, and he seems to realize it as he sometimes appears self-conscious about it. Yet he is always willing to show his works of art to others, should they be careless enough to express interest.
Capabilities and Resources: Due to his background as a genetically engineered clone, Izuru has a special ability: he can focus on a single task much better than any normal human.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: AHSMB Red Five (picture)
Unit Description: AHSMB stands for Advanced High Standard Multi Purpose Battle Device. They're rare prototypes created by the MJP Project, each one hand-crafted to suit the pilot that was chosen to use it. What makes them unique is Juria System, a system that directly synchronizes with the pilot's fight or flight instincts. Because of that the pilot has to be determined enough to fight or else the unit will try to evade combat on its own, but a truly fired up spirit can result in vastly improved performance.
Red Five is made to be a universal machine that is good in both close combat and at range. It's both a forward- and leader use-type. It is very maneuverable and has an energy barrier for defense. Like other AHSMBs, its armor is actually a purgable outer shell and the main "core" inside it is relatively weak and almost defenseless.
Red Five has following weapons:
Beam pistols - can be dual wielded and offer a decent rate of fire, but the damage is not very high. It's the only weapon Red Five can use without the outer armor, so it's more of a backup firearm.
Chainsword/gun - with a very high rate of fire (it fires energy beams) and the ability to slice enemies into tiny pieces in melee, this is Red Five's most universal and oft-used weapon.
Triple-barreled gun - it offers even more DAKKA (physical rounds this time) but can't be used as a melee weapon. Often dual-wielded with the chainsword described above.
Large beam launcher - it takes two hands to fire and is rather large and unwieldy, so it's often carried by Red Five's support craft and launched to Izuru only when he needs it. But the continous beam it fires is wide and devastating, perfect for destroying large groups of enemies.
Arm blades - usually a part of armor on Red Five's forearms, they can be disattached and wielded as very sharp, curved physical blades.
Barrier rocket punch - in addition to other AHSMB units' all-body barrier, Red Five can project a barrier field from its hands. It can also shoot out these hands to create cover for an ally who is far away!
Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Space

Awakened Red Five - the only physical change is that Red Five's visor opens, revealing a second pair of eyes. However the increase in performance is incredible and it is able to keep toe to toe with even most deadly opponents. Izuru cannot activate this mode on command, he has to be extremely focused on the task of defeating his opponent. Unfortunately, this "super mode" is very taxing to his body and using it has severe consequences, including health problems and possibly, even death.

True Awakened Red Five - Red Five projects large energy wings. In addition to performance boost as above, the wings can be used as weapons themselves, shifting form and shape as needed. This mode replaces the one above, as it comes after Izuru has dominated his JURIA System's flight or fight response, focusing on saving his friends and Earth and not on the fight itself. It doesn't have any side effects anymore, but can be used extremely rarely (canonically only in the finale).

Wingmen: Team Rabbits are each supported by personal support crafts with spare parts and engineers on board, not to mention the MJP flagship Godinion, but these are more set pieces than actual units to use during missions.

Mission requirement: Yes - first mission.
Suggested Event List: Comes in its own seperate post. Viewable by all, unmarked spoilers.

Sample post: here


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